2 girls hold up sign that would make any pre-game warm up memorable

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This pic was gaining tons of speed around the web yesterday-  it was pretty much plastered all over my Facebook wall from about 2pm all the way through this morning.   **SPOILER ALERT**  It’s fake.   Anyone who has any experience with photoshop and a sense of humor could whip this up in a few minutes.  With that being said, it’s still absolutely hilarious. It may be fake, but let’s be honest, there are 2 chiks out there in this world who most certainly played the TS meat flute back in the kids HS days-  He’s is a stud in the NHL, can you imagine what kind of damage he did in High School?    That’s the stuff champions are made of.



Here is the original picture,  which to be honest, is actually still pretty funny.   We went from “ooooh it’s fake, these girls aren’t puck sluts” to “ooooh… that whole being a hooker joke still kind of files these chiks under the same category, no?”

I’m sorry we had to white out the X rated parts of the pic- company policy makes us keep the site clean(to a certain extent) since these sites are all linked to a larger, broader Online News network.


If you can’t piece the puzzle together and figure out what the sign really says, I’m afraid you might be a few years behind in the developmental process . I even left the first letters of each word open, practically rolled out the red carpet for you guys.




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  2. J, April 14, 2012:

    I doubt he went to high school. Playing hockey away

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